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Haha what did she say?

She basically thought rugby was cricket. They were talking about cricket on the show, so she brought up Friends, when Ross was dating Emily and how he got all roughed up, “playing cricket.” Then Graham Norton was like… uh, that was rugby…

Oh, Taylor Swift. If you’re going to try to be witty with a Friends reference, make sure you get it right.

Plus Ross told Paul and Elizabeth that when he offered to take Rachel to prom he was a freshman in college and she was a senior in high school (which means Monica was also). If he skipped a grade that would mean originally he was in the same grade as Monica and he was less than 12 months older than her (poor Judy). That's why I always took his comment as a joke.


Regarding your page on their ages, I think you're off with Joey's. In the premier of season 7, Rachel tells him "Joey, you are not, you're thirty-one." That would make him younger than Ross and Chandler. it would make him 25 at the beginning of season one and mean that he was born in January 1969. Also Ross skipped the 4th grade so even though he was in the same class as Chandler, Chandler should be a year older.

I go by what was stated first, and Joey’s age was stated before season 7.

Same with Ross. It’s been stated he and Chandler are the same age before Ross said he skipped a grade. With the grade thing, I’m just going with Ross was lying.

i just made the note about phoebe kissing monica when she says goodbye in TOW Ross' wedding but just saw your edit on that saying it doesn't count cuz it was just goodbye and didn't mean anything, but if you use that logic, than chandler and joeys kiss doesn't count cuz it was just for new years, joey and ross' kiss for joey's audition wouldn't count cuz it was just for an audition etc... so you should probably remove that note and update pheobe's

Nope. Still standing by that a light peck on the lips as a goodbye kiss, doesn’t count. The New Years/audition kisses are totally different.

i know you've posted the link of the friends sim thing, but do you by any chance have a link to download/torresnt the game itself?

I don’t, sorry. I bought the game. I would say TPB is your friend though. :)

My Joey sim was on a date when the bartender suddenly died. The Grim Reaper showed up and Joey started chatting with him, giving him romance tips.



Dave Grohl, RuPaul, Frances Bean and Kurt Cobain


Dave Grohl, RuPaul, Frances Bean and Kurt Cobain

I misread that message as Girls Gone Wild is amazing.

Haha. Veeeery different films.

literally just saw gone girl. the twists are amazing.


I’ve just added the book to my Kindle, can’t wait to get started on it. I heard that the ending is different in the film, so I’m intrigued!

Gone Girl is AMAZING.

If you haven’t already, go see it!

I know you're a big titanic fan, but you also hate 3d movies. How'd you feel when they rereleased it in theaters a few years ago in 3d?

It was fine for a one time thing to see, for the novelty of it. I even went to an IMAX cinema to watch it. Plus, just to see it in the cinema again after all those years was amazing, even if it was in 3D.