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Followed by (pick one):

1. many hours of frenzied sexting*;

2. an awkward offline note to the effect of “could you not do that i’m sorry i just don’t know what to do when you say stuff like that and i get weird fan tweets about it and it upsets me i heart you though and btw break a leg in that play you’re doing in a few months i would totally come but i’m washing my hair that day but you’ll be great because you’re a serious actress not a dilettante like i am <3”;

3. nothing ever again. 

or 4. something else. WE CAN NEVER KNOW

*I’m guessing not that first one

I do not believe it could have been 2, because she KEPT DOING IT. She made another comment (the kimono, I think?) and then the SHOWER VIDEO. I truly think that if David had approached her and been like “babe, this is weird for me, please keep our flirting to ourselves because it overwhelms the common-folk”, she would have backed off because while she is the master of all trolls, I don’t believe she takes joy in making people feel uncomfortable. 


That’s true; the awkward offline note option would have to have occurred later. I agree with you — I think she enjoys gently annoying him 4 funsies but I don’t think she actually wants to make him uncomfortable. Correction appended. 4 it (most likely) is. *shakes fist at people trying to live their lives without fans’ running editorial commentary; how dare they*

And then there’s Scotland with those god awful outfits.

w h y

So far my favourite thing about the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games is the playlist of 90s dance music Europe is walking out to. Haha amazing! Gotta love our taste in music.

Also, the Red Arrows flew over my house. I nearly shit myself at the sudden noise, but damn it was cool.


could you please put your crying kid on vibrate


Remember limewire

Remember sometimes getting the song you were actually looking for and sometimes getting an mp3 of bill clinton saying that he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman instead

mickeyy-milkovich replied to your post: I always get second hand embarrassment…

I’m guessing you’re watching Comedy Central right now hahaha

haha, Yes I was. :)

nopersonallife replied to your post: I always get second hand embarrassment…

Everything about the Joey/Rachel arc was WRONG.

Ugh I know. If I’m watching the show on DVD, I’ll normally slip over any scenes that involve them during that arc.

blaindersonkummel replied to your post: I always get second hand embarrassment…

wow yeah, i hadn’t even thought much about that before but god, you’re right :/ the joey / rachel arc was wrong in every way, though.

It’s like it was done just to try show us that “Rachel and Joey are on the same level. They are soooo meant to be (!!)”. Ugh, please. The whole arc was a mess.

I always get second hand embarrassment for Rachel in TO in Barbados, when she laughs at “homo” during Ross’ speech. It makes me cringe. Ugh, I hate what they reduced her to, during that stupid Joey/Rachel arc.

so, apparently I share a birthday with Spongebob Squarepants.

so, apparently I share a birthday with Spongebob Squarepants.

“The One Where Jetlag Wins” – The FRIENDS Episode You Never Saw (Well, Sort Of…)


“The One Where Jetlag Wins” or really, the table draft of 10×15: “The One Where Estelle Dies.”

In the commentary for “The One Where Estelle Dies”, the executive producers recalled throwing out a Ross/Rachel story (where they went to Paris to consider Rachel’s move) and putting in a new one after the table read. This one being about Ross’s attempts to keep Rachel from leaving. The table draft features the original story.

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my god, we’re all Ross.

Excuse you.


Excuse you




So in conclusion, we are all the men of Friends, combined. 

Not just the men.









Phoebe is basically a walking night blogger when she’s got a guitar.  Admit it.

In conclusion, we are the show Friends. 

we all need this on our blogs

Joey and Phoebe as shippers.