Went into a Burger King in Belfast and felt like I was transported back to the 1990s! KIDS CLUB GANG!

Went into a Burger King in Belfast and felt like I was transported back to the 1990s! KIDS CLUB GANG!

Have fun tomorrow! I'm in Belfast right now (at uni), and I took my mam to the Titanic exhibit last year when she visited. It's really cleverly done (it doesn't just focus on the disaster, but traces the whole building process which is cool), although the gift shop has some dubious items - why not mourn the loss of the ship by drinking from Titanic-themed shot glasses, for instance?

Thanks! :)

Oh, I was thinking about the gift shop, because naturally, I’m going to have to leave with something. But haha! I may actually have to buy a shot glass now, just because that’s kind of hilarious.

wait i thought you lived in Scotland? How can you go to Ireland for the DAY?

It’s only a two hour ferry ride, and the ferry port is only about an hour or so away from me.

The writers mishandled Chandler (especially in season 7) by making him a whole lot more effeminate among other things. But there is no way that he was no longer funny. He used less humor during moments with Monica b/c he didn't feel the need for defense mechanisms and he wasn't uncomfortable around her (his two stated reasons for humor) but he was just as funny when dealing with other people.

I’m going to Belfast tomorrow, for the day, to go to the Titanic Experience.

My inner-Titanic-obsessed-geek-circa-1998-self is FLAILING.

scottish? i didn't know that, cool to know im following another scot. keep up the good work buddy

All the characters started to change around season 6. Chandler was no longer funny (the later it went, the worse it got), Monica was shrill and mean, Phoebe - ugh talk about mean, esp. to Ross, Ross got...well...didn't he have a PhD?, Joey was borderline mentally retarded, and Rachel became dumb too, esp. with Joey ugh. Sad how that happens. Still love it though.

I guess when a show goes on for as long as Friends, changes in the characters like that are bound to happen. I’m the same though, I still love it and can look past those flaws in the characters to still enjoy the show.

Though, when I watch the later seasons, I often find myself missing the earlier/mid seasons’ vibe. I’m also more likely to skip an episode playing on TV, if it’s a season 7-10 episode, as opposed to a season 1-6 episode.

do you even have a favorite character lol
while we're talking about the later seasons, how do you feel about David around the time of Barbados? he was kind of the love of her life and then when they can finally be together he's like this huge loser and she ends up with Mike (who was only okay, they weren't great together like omg otp) I just kind of wish Pheobe had ended up with David, but I guess they wanted Paul Rudd in a rushed romance with her instead (their wedding episode should have been a two-parter, no honeymoon exc)

I’m probably not the best to answer this as I wasn’t a huge fan of David, and I ADORED Mike.

how did phoebe change? just curious

She basically became mean.

Every character got Flanderized in later seasons but Monica and Chandler were the only people that were in a relationship with the same person in the whole Flanderizing era. If Joey, Phoebe, Ross, or Rachel were in a continual relationship in seasons 5-10 then I'm sure their Flanderization would be blamed on their significant others.

Chandler’s flanderisation I don’t associate with him getting together with Monica. I’m just pointing out, that to me, Monica changed after season 4, and the one big difference for her character at that point, was her being in a relationship with Chandler. So it’s easy for me to associate the two.

After Monica and Chandler got together the only person who was over the top bitchy and rude to Chandler was Phoebe, not Monica.

Oh yeah, Phoebe was too, she was worse! But I still stand by that Monica changed and got shrill and could be a bitch towards Chandler at times, post season 4.

do you ever think the way Monica treated Chandler was really over the top and sometimes rude? I've been rewatching the later seasons, and it seems like more often than not she's just rude, controlling and really bitchy towards him.

Yes, I do. I don’t have a strong opinion on it, as some I’ve seen, but I do think Monica changed slightly (for the worst), after she and Chandler got together.

I think the reason (as the last anonymous said) "tv fails to tell good stories of unrequited love between friends" is the mistaken storytelling belief/myth that if you are a good person and you have a crush on/love someone you deserve for them to reciprocate. Before Rachel fell for Joey I thought they did a good job of showing that in a situation like that there is no bad guy. Then they ruined it when Rachel decided to have a lust based crush on him.

And that’s the big difference. Joey was in love with Rachel and it was believable. Rachel’s feelings were based on lust - she wasn’t in love with him.

I hated when they tried to make Rachel/Joey happen but I actually found the storyline of Joey discovering his feelings for Rachel surprisingly beautiful. I think tv, regardless of genre, fails to tell good stories of unrequited love between friends.

Yeah, I agree with that. I only started hating Joey/Rachel in season 9/10, when they had Rachel crush on Joey, and then attempted to get them together. Joey falling in love with Rachel in season 8 was actually a really good storyline. But that’s as far as it should have gone.