In what episode of Friends did [x] happen? In what episode of Friends did [x] character say [x]? (and anything similar)

Before sending me an ask with a question like this, try looking up your question in Google. If you know a quote from the episode, and you’re just trying to track down in what episode it was said, in Google, type the quote + friends + script, and 90% of the time, you should find your answer.

If you’re looking for an episode when a particular storyline took place, but you don’t know any quotes from it, just try searching for the episode by typing in what you know about the episode + friends episode. Again, you should find your answer.

If you still can’t find the information that you’re looking for, then feel free to ask me. Please try to do so un-anon however, so I can answer you privately.

Transcripts of all Friends episodes can be found here.

A complete list of Friends episodes, with a brief synopsis of each can be found here.

Where can I download episodes and HD episodes of Friends?

This forum is a great resource for all your TV shows and 720p needs. Just search for whatever it is you’re looking for in the search box on the forum, and a number of threads will show up (you need to register first). For example, if you’re looking for HD Friends episodes, search for ‘Friends 720p’.

You can also try looking for torrents. Use Google and search for (for example) “friends s01e01 720p HD torrent.” Please do not ask me what a torrent is, or how they work. Google will also give you the answer to that. :)

What does TOW mean?

The One With or The One Where.

Do you know of any other Friends related blogs?

What’s your favourite Friends episode? Your favourite season? And who’s your favourite Friends character?

What’s your least favourite Friends episode? Your least favourite season?

TO In Barbados, TOW Ross Is Fine (Ross and his drunken hilariousness is the only thing that makes the episode bearable), and in general, any of the episodes that dealt with the Rachel/Joey storyline in late season 9/early season 10. But those two in particular stand out. I’m also not a fan of TOW the Sharks because I think the Chandler/shark porn plot is utterly ridiculous.

Least favourite season is season 7. This in no way means that I hate season 7, just in comparison to the other seasons - I didn’t enjoy this season as much.

What couples do you ship on Friends? And what couples don’t you ship?

Ross/Rachel are my OTP, but I also love Chandler/Monica. I dabble in Chandler/Rachel, and don’t mind me some Joey/Monica, Joey/Phoebe and Ross/Phoebe. Maybe some Rachel/Monica and Joey/Chandler.

I hate Joey/Rachel with every fibre of my being. I could write an essay on why that storyline, when they tried putting them together, was the worst decision the writers ever made across the show’s entire run; and why they are so completely wrong for each other. I may actually get around to writing this essay one day.

Outside the main six, I ship Phoebe/Mike. Other relationships I quite liked; Phoebe/David, Chandler/Kathy, Chandler/Janice, Ross/Mona, Monica/Richard and Rachel/Gavin.

Rank the Friends characters from your favourite to least favourite.

  1. Rachel
  2. Chandler
  3. Ross
  4. Phoebe
  5. Joey
  6. Monica

Rank the Friends seasons from your favourite to least favourite.

  1. season 4
  2. season 2
  3. season 8
  4. season 5
  5. season 1
  6. season 3
  7. season 6
  8. season 10
  9. season 9
  10. season 7

What’s your opinion on the “We were on a break!” issue?

I’ve always tried to see the “we were on a break” thing from both Ross and Rachel’s side. I believe that yes, they were on a break. However, Ross should not have acted so rashly, made assumptions, and slept with Chloe. That was a really douchey thing to do. They were on a break, they hadn’t broken up. And to me, when you’re on a break, you’re sill together; you still want to be together, but you just need some time apart, so you can then go back and work on your relationship. So, in that sense, Rachel had every right to be as mad at Ross as she was. And that’s what makes me side slightly more with Rachel about the whole thing.

However, I do think that the fandom, overall, tends to judge Ross too harshly. In his defence, he thought they had broken up. When he called Rachel that night from the club, he heard Mark’s voice in the background, and in his mind, that confirmed to him that they had broken up, and that Rachel was ‘moving on’ with Mark. He shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions, and just assumed that Rachel was planning on hooking up with Mark that night, but keep in mind that Ross was already paranoid about this guy. So, looking at it from his point of view, that must have seemed like what was going on.

I also wouldn’t call him a cheater, because he didn’t think he was cheating, since he thought they were broken up. IMO, you’re only a cheater if you actively know that you’re cheating.

So, to sum it up; I believe that they were on a break, but Ross shouldn’t have slept with Chloe.

I don’t understand what [insert joke here] means. Can you explain?

Check out my Friends jokes explained tag to see if the joke you don’t understand, has already been explained there. The most common ones, generally have.

What age are the Friends characters and when are their birthdays?

Check out this post.

Who out of the gang have kissed each other?

Check out this post.

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