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"Oh please. That Paolo thing was barely a relationship. All it really was was just, you know, meaningless animal sex. Okay, you know, that sounded so much better in my head.”

Why Joey & Rachel (Friends) Are the Worst


A collection of articles stating why Joey and Rachel from Friends are one of TV’s worst couples.

Rachel & Joey

When did Friends become The Dating Game: Rachel Edition? The only good TV couples are the ones that the fans root for…and not one single person on God’s green earth rooted for Rachel and Joey. The fact that they even entertained the idea of being together caused uproar amongst Friends fans everywhere, and cursed the audience with Rachel-and-Ross nostalgia. Also, “Joey and Rachel” lacks the fun alliteration that comes with saying “Ross and Rachel”. Joey, you may have won Rachel for awhile…but you lost the fans.


Joey and Rachel

So Wrong: It worked for Monica and Chandler, as their respective neuroses blended quite well. Lightning doesn’t always strike twice however, as the Friends writers discovered with the experimental and universally reviled pairing of Rachel and Joey. It made some sense, the characters having grown closer since her pregnancy but Ross help us, it NEVER felt right.

Happily Ever After?: Thankfully, no. The two realized how awkward it made things, freeing Rachel to finally (and somewhat more believably) return to Ross.


Rachel and Joey, Friends

Joey fell for Rachel, who he knew he couldn’t have. We didn’t like it, but we made it through. Then Rachel fell for Joey, and we got stuck with several weeks of pure ickiness, as the two tried to make something happen. On the other hand, if this relationship had worked out, maybe we wouldn’t have had to suffer through the Joey spin-off.


Rachel & Joey (Friends)

Say it with me: All male/female friends do not have to sleep together. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) were a great duo when they shared the odd storyline. Whether recommending books destined to end up in the freezer or helping Joey become a better waiter, Rachel and Joey brought the comedy. In season nine, they brought the ick factor. Joey falls first and in the beginning, it was sweet and often funny… until Rachel started returning those feelings. Falling in love with your friend and your friend’s ex, or your ex’s best friend, sure sounds like something less than a good idea. And we the audience, were no more “fine” with it than Ross. “Who else is fine?!” Okay, admittedly there were some funny moments but why go there? “Must be the pressure of entertaining…”


Joey and Rachel on ‘Friends’

Rachel and Joey? Can we just pretend this one never happened? Occurring in the 10th and final season, it felt like a last gasp, “Gee who haven’t we hooked up yet?” gambit by the writers. Even Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) wasn’t totally sold on the pairing: During her first official date with Joey (Matt LeBlanc), she slapped his wandering hands as they began to make out. Joey was confused: Were they on or weren’t they? Turned out, not so much. This ill-fated match was mercifully short-lived and served mostly to convince us that the writers had simply run out of ideas.


Friends — Joey and Rachel

"Joey and Rachel going out?" Ross exclaimed when he found out about this pairing. "It’s like [Monica] and me going out, only weirder!" Couldn’t agree more, Ross. Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc’s thankfully brief onscreen coupling was a stunt that should never have happened.


Joey and Rachel from Friends

Um, why did Joey and Rachel even start dating? Just… no. They were NEVER the right fit and it felt like they were both just doing it because they were lonely.
Lesson We Can Learn: Don’t date a close friend just because you want to be with someone.


Why do snobby little shits pretend Friends wasn’t a good show?

Oh, you didn’t think “Friends” was funny? Oh, you thought it was just popular drivel? Oh, you were more of a “Seinfeld” person? Fuck you, you fucking liar. You loved “Friends.” We all loved “Friends.” We still love “Friends” when it appears in syndication 15 times per day. You know why? Because it was a delightfully funny, heartfelt, consistently enjoyable show. The fact that it was popular doesn’t mean it sucked. You suck. Next time you start getting nostalgic for some bullshit 90s snackfood, remember the real reason the 90s were great: “Friends.” (And, you know, the booming economy.)

- 10 Things That Still Bother Me About Friends


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Where are you now ? Did you catch up on S3 ?

i’m completely caught up. just breaking my heart over the last episode. ;___;

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New girl is aaawesome!! The second season is even better than the first!

I LOVED THE SECOND SEASON! I’m enjoying the third too, except for the addition of Coach. Not sure if it’s an unpopular opinion, but I liked the show better without him. :/

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I convinced my friend to start it and he finished all three seasons within a few days! Addictive show indeed!

I stayed up practically all night on Tuesday, getting through the second season. I COULDN’T STOP WATCHING. I then had to go work a 13 hour shift. I haven’t gotten into a show and done that in a very long time.

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Welcome to the madness :)

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I don’t know why but this makes me so happy! Welcome to the fandom Roomfriend!

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Right? Right?! Damn all those addictive shows…

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I literally did the same thing like 2 weeks ago and thought the same thing at first r u me

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it’s pretty damn awesome!

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It’s soooooo good!!!

so i started watching new girl, after dismissing it for so long, because i convinced myself i wouldn’t like it for some reason. anyway, i marathoned through it over the past 5 days and now i’m kind of obsessed with it and it might just be my new favourite show. and NICK AND JESS AND FEEEEEELINGSSSS. OMG.

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