mionesboobs replied to your post: GIF THIEF ALERT: miniwave-in-celebration-of-me

I started just reporting reposts to tumblr staff when I see them. That way the post will be taken off tumblr completely, because even if she WOULD take it down, the reblogs would still be up. Hopefully if you report her often enough, they’ll warn her

See, I’m getting conflicting views on this. I have taken this action before, and it’s worked, but that was a good while ago, and people have said that recently Tumblr have stopped doing this. :/ I guess there’s no harm in me trying, though. Maybe if enough of us report them, Tumblr will do something.

  1. hermionelovesron said: well, i haven’t reported anything in about 2 weeks now, but there was a period about a month and a half ago where I would find reposts of my gifs several times a day, I reported them all, and they all got deleted, pretty quickly too!
  2. yellina said: oh, no, they did not stop. Last week I reported some thiefs and the tumblr staff actually deleted the stolen graphics. Maybe they’re just overwhelmed by requests?
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