Gif Thief Update

So, I contacted Tumblr support about the user who has been reposting my gifs. They were very nice about it, and have said if I can link them to the stolen posts, along with my original posts, they’ll delete the stolen posts.

They will also do this for any other user who have had their gifs stolen (I mentioned in my e-mail how it’s not just me they’re stealing from). They can’t delete those posts on my behalf, the user will have to contact support themselves.

However, I’ve made a list of all the stolen posts (that are not mine). So if yours is among them, and you want it deleted — just e-mail Tumblr support (, linking them to the stolen post, along with your original post, and they’ll delete the stolen one. :)

Links under the cut.

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  4. queenology said: Should be careful about contacting tumblr support about stolen gifs. I’ve had people do this and tumblr ended up deleting the person’s original post along with the stolen one, because it went against their piracy policies.
  5. quieksa said: I once tried contacting Tumblr staff about someone reposting my gif. I received a response saying that due to the fact I’m not the owner of the original material (aka. the video I gif’d) they need to remove both the reposter’s and mine post.
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