do you know what Rachel's letter to Ross says? sorry, english is not my first language. I find it hard to read. :(

Some of the words I can’t quite make out myself, but this is most of it:

My Dear Sweet Ross,

I can’t tell you how much emotion has swept across me in the last few hours. These past days have been such a roller coaster of feelings… all good! The touch of you’re your sweet hands makes me crazy. If only I could erase these last few months of hell that I’ve been going through - then maybe I could trust you enough to bring you back into my life.

We could have a new start. I really do want that as I write these words to you, it’s what I want more than anything on this earth. How can I express to you how I feel - PLEASE let the right words come to me [something something] so much for you [then it gets cut off].

To whoever is hoarding this particular prop - SCANS OF ALL 18 PAGES (FRONT AND BACK), PLEASE.


  1. supernaturallytweaked said: I think the last bit is: “Please let the right words come to me… so much for…for you”
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