i know you've posted the link of the friends sim thing, but do you by any chance have a link to download/torresnt the game itself?

I don’t, sorry. I bought the game. I would say TPB is your friend though. :)

I misread that message as Girls Gone Wild is amazing.

Haha. Veeeery different films.

literally just saw gone girl. the twists are amazing.


I’ve just added the book to my Kindle, can’t wait to get started on it. I heard that the ending is different in the film, so I’m intrigued!

wait i thought you lived in Scotland? How can you go to Ireland for the DAY?

It’s only a two hour ferry ride, and the ferry port is only about an hour or so away from me.

The writers mishandled Chandler (especially in season 7) by making him a whole lot more effeminate among other things. But there is no way that he was no longer funny. He used less humor during moments with Monica b/c he didn't feel the need for defense mechanisms and he wasn't uncomfortable around her (his two stated reasons for humor) but he was just as funny when dealing with other people.
scottish? i didn't know that, cool to know im following another scot. keep up the good work buddy

All the characters started to change around season 6. Chandler was no longer funny (the later it went, the worse it got), Monica was shrill and mean, Phoebe - ugh talk about mean, esp. to Ross, Ross got...well...didn't he have a PhD?, Joey was borderline mentally retarded, and Rachel became dumb too, esp. with Joey ugh. Sad how that happens. Still love it though.

I guess when a show goes on for as long as Friends, changes in the characters like that are bound to happen. I’m the same though, I still love it and can look past those flaws in the characters to still enjoy the show.

Though, when I watch the later seasons, I often find myself missing the earlier/mid seasons’ vibe. I’m also more likely to skip an episode playing on TV, if it’s a season 7-10 episode, as opposed to a season 1-6 episode.

I hated when they tried to make Rachel/Joey happen but I actually found the storyline of Joey discovering his feelings for Rachel surprisingly beautiful. I think tv, regardless of genre, fails to tell good stories of unrequited love between friends.

Yeah, I agree with that. I only started hating Joey/Rachel in season 9/10, when they had Rachel crush on Joey, and then attempted to get them together. Joey falling in love with Rachel in season 8 was actually a really good storyline. But that’s as far as it should have gone.

you're from Scotland, right? did you vote yes or no for independence?

I was a yes voter.

would you ever get a friends tattoo? ive wanted one for the longest time but am having a hard time deciding what id get

I would, but likewise, I wouldn’t know what to get.

I’d like it to be small and subtle, something only a fan of the show would get.

"Could you BE any more awesome" or something along those lines with a bit of Chandler. "I pity the fool who doesn't have you as a friend/this gift whatever it is" a reference to the episode where Joey gets Chandler a friendship bracelet. "Just so you know, you are an uncommonly great friend, which doesn't happen to every guy/girl, and you are a big deal!" - Like Rachel to Ross. As friends go, you're a *seven*. ( We all know this ep, am I right?) "A world without you as a friend is just moo."

These are great! I especially like "A world without you as a friend is just moo." Haha, brilliant!

Hi! So, I know you're also a huge FRIENDS fan and I have a question for you. So I'm thinking about getting a friend something and I have the option to engrave it. It's FRIENDS related and once the option was given to me I totally blanked on everything the characters ever said. haha So I was just wondering if you can remember a quote or something about friendship. I was thinking "I'll be there for you" but I feel like there's better options :) THANKS!

Anyone have any suggestions? :)

Hi, are the friends sims and apartment you are using from Ian? I was looking for the same in the gallery and his seem to be the most popular, but I just wanted to make sure. And how is the actual apartment? Is it worth using?

Yup, that’s the one. The apartment is an amazing replica. Ground floor is Central Perk, 1st floor is Joey/Chandler and Monica/Rachel’s apartments, then the 2nd floor is Ross and Phoebe’s apartments.

Hi, so sorry to bother you but I was wondering if I can get your reaction gif folder set again,the original link doesn't work and my computer crashed awhile ago so everything pretty much is gone. If you can't I completely understand :)

I basically need to upload it again, which took forever last time because of the host site I used.

If someone could recommend a good file hosting site, I’ll upload it. :)

OMG you're the first person I know who likes the HIMYM ending thank you I am not alone

Yes! I didn’t love it, but I certainly didn’t hate it like 90% of the fans appear to have. I really like the whole “full circle” thing wrt Ted/Robin. I’m sorry, but I tend to be a sucker for the ship they set up in the beginning of the show. And with HIMYM, that was Ted and Robin - regardless of the fact they were together for only one season.

To be honest, I haven’t really cared about the show since around season 4 or 5. So it could have ended with Ted/Tracy and the kids in one big happy family, and Barney/Robin still married and happy together, and I would have been fine with it. Mainly because I adored the mother character and she and Ted seemed perfect together. I stopped caring about Barney/Robin (and Barney in general) seasons ago.