OMG you're the first person I know who likes the HIMYM ending thank you I am not alone

Yes! I didn’t love it, but I certainly didn’t hate it like 90% of the fans appear to have. I really like the whole “full circle” thing wrt Ted/Robin. I’m sorry, but I tend to be a sucker for the ship they set up in the beginning of the show. And with HIMYM, that was Ted and Robin - regardless of the fact they were together for only one season.

To be honest, I haven’t really cared about the show since around season 4 or 5. So it could have ended with Ted/Tracy and the kids in one big happy family, and Barney/Robin still married and happy together, and I would have been fine with it. Mainly because I adored the mother character and she and Ted seemed perfect together. I stopped caring about Barney/Robin (and Barney in general) seasons ago.

Chandler's Flock of Seagulls haircut will never not be funny

I hope you intended the "replica" in your giveaway post to be read as Ross's pterodactyl egg (replica) because that is exactly how I heard it.


Hi, random question, if you had to watch only one season of Friends for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Season 4! That was the season airing on TV when I first got into the show, so it holds a special, nostalgic place in my heart. :)

Dude, ShirtMogul is currently selling a Friends-themed tee. I am really tempted to get it.

I totally just bought one.

if the characters from friends were to go to hogwarts, what house would they be in and why??
Would you ever tag a post with 'character: chanandler bong'?

that’s miss chanandler bong.

wow, your collection is AMAZING! i've only just gotten into friends (as of january 2013) so it makes me kinda sad that i don't have a collection or anything really to boast... but wow they have (or rather, had?) a lot of merch! do you know where (and if) you can (still) find magazines about friends?

Thank you! Yup, there was indeed a LOOOOOT of Friends merch back in the day. Especially here in the UK, with all the kitchenware and stationery stuff.

For magazines featuring the cast on the cover, eBay is the best place to look. People are always selling second hand magazines there, I’ve even managed to get a few myself.

Your collection is so awesome! Thanks for sharing that with us, I love looking through the pictures. And I love seeing all the Jen magazine clippings since you know she's my fav too! :D Question - what are the individual character quotes on the character posters in the second to last pic in the "Postcards" section? Just curious, Ican only read Joey and Monica's. And I love how you even have one of Gunther! :) Have a great weekend!

Thank you! :)

Yeah, my collection of Jen clippings surpasses those of every other cast member, and even clippings for the show itself. Haha. ;)

The postcards say:

Rachel - “If she wanted to be more like me, why couldn’t she just copy my hairstyle of something?”


Phoebe: “Smelly cat, smelly cat. what are they feeding you?”

Chandler: “Could I BE any more funny?”

Hi:) I love your collection and I've always wanted that Frankie says relax t shirt where did you find it? And also where can I find some mugs and Ross's trivia game?

The shirt I got from the NBC Store, but they no longer seem to have it in stock. However, you can find versions of it in other places, such as eBay or Truffle Shuffle.

The NBC store has mugs, and quite often people sell mugs on eBay. And Truffle Shuffle have even started selling Central Perk mugs!

If you live in the UK, you can probably walk into a local charity shop and find Ross’ trivia game (two of my local charity shops have it alone at the moment!) - but if not, once again, eBay is your best bet.

Maybe posters of original Friends edits/gifs need a separate tag like 'Friedit' or something to that effect? That way you don't get so many reposts and can enjoy genuine ones. :)

We really should start doing this. It’s just getting everyone in on it, and have new posters know about it, that I’m unsure of.

And the thing is, the f.r.i.e.n.d.s tag was ours for that (because ‘friends’ is filled with people posting pictures of their rl friends) and I just HATE that that tag has been abused now.

your blog is my lobster c: <3

oh my god im watching the one where the stripper cries and it reminded me of you because of your icon!!! You're the best <3

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so-- just to clarify there is no friends reunion and tumblr is killing me with its lies?