I always get second hand embarrassment for Rachel in TO in Barbados, when she laughs at “homo” during Ross’ speech. It makes me cringe. Ugh, I hate what they reduced her to, during that stupid Joey/Rachel arc.

“The One Where Jetlag Wins” – The FRIENDS Episode You Never Saw (Well, Sort Of…)


“The One Where Jetlag Wins” or really, the table draft of 10×15: “The One Where Estelle Dies.”

In the commentary for “The One Where Estelle Dies”, the executive producers recalled throwing out a Ross/Rachel story (where they went to Paris to consider Rachel’s move) and putting in a new one after the table read. This one being about Ross’s attempts to keep Rachel from leaving. The table draft features the original story.

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Central Perk, Liverpool (UK)

You and me, alright? This is it.

You and me, alright? This is it.

May 6th 2014, marks the 10th anniversary of the FRIENDS series finale.

On May 6th, 2004, after 10 years and 236 episodes, we said goodbye to our six friends.

It was “the end of an era!”

it’s been exactly 10 years since Rachel got off that plane and I’m still not over it.

Which Friends Characters Had the Most Screen Time Together?

Interesting article (read here) in which the percentage of screen time with all of the characters (in every combination possible) is measured up. There’s a widget in which you can place any combination of the characters together, to get their total (and each has a random fact, regarding said total).

Top 10 Possible Scenarios:

  1. All 6 together - 280 scenes (9.5%)
  2. Ross x Rachel - 163 scenes (5.5%)
  3. Monica x Chandler - 151 scenes (5.1%)
  4. Joey - 151 scenes (5.1%)
  5. Ross - 139 scenes (4.7%)
  6. Chandler x Joey - 130 scenes (4.4%)
  7. Phoebe - 117 scenes (4.0%)
  8. Rachel - 105 scenes (3.6%)
  9. Chandler - 86 scenes (2.9%)
  10. Joey x Rachel - 76 scenes (2.6%)

I’ve put together the 63 possible combinations (after the ‘read more’): (got them all now, thanks!)

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May 5th - Happy Birthday Rachel Green!

Have you ever taken out the trash?

And then that happens every once in a while.


Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry pranking each other, during interviews.


The One Where Johnny Makes Friends

Interview with the cast of Friends, from 1998, on the set of The One With Ross’ Wedding.

Personal note: This is one of my favourite interviews with the cast, ever. I recorded it off the the TV the night it aired, and so had it on VHS and watched it repeatedly. But unfortunately the tape broke a few years later. So this is the first I’ve watched it in over 10 years! I COULD CRY and hug the person who uploaded it.

FRIENDS :: 1994-2004

There’s a Friends themed round on Pointless right now and I’m just screaming at my TV because the contestants are SO BAD at it and most of them are like, “I’ve never seen Friends.”

shut up and leave.