There’s a Friends themed round on Pointless right now and I’m just screaming at my TV because the contestants are SO BAD at it and most of them are like, “I’ve never seen Friends.”

shut up and leave.

Why do snobby little shits pretend Friends wasn’t a good show?

Oh, you didn’t think “Friends” was funny? Oh, you thought it was just popular drivel? Oh, you were more of a “Seinfeld” person? Fuck you, you fucking liar. You loved “Friends.” We all loved “Friends.” We still love “Friends” when it appears in syndication 15 times per day. You know why? Because it was a delightfully funny, heartfelt, consistently enjoyable show. The fact that it was popular doesn’t mean it sucked. You suck. Next time you start getting nostalgic for some bullshit 90s snackfood, remember the real reason the 90s were great: “Friends.” (And, you know, the booming economy.)

- 10 Things That Still Bother Me About Friends

It’s like I robbed Central Perk.

It’s like I robbed Central Perk.

i’ll be there for you, ‘cause you’re there for me too…