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I always get second hand embarrassment for Rachel in TO in Barbados, when she laughs at “homo” during Ross’ speech. It makes me cringe. Ugh, I hate what they reduced her to, during that stupid Joey/Rachel arc.

“The One Where Jetlag Wins” – The FRIENDS Episode You Never Saw (Well, Sort Of…)


“The One Where Jetlag Wins” or really, the table draft of 10×15: “The One Where Estelle Dies.”

In the commentary for “The One Where Estelle Dies”, the executive producers recalled throwing out a Ross/Rachel story (where they went to Paris to consider Rachel’s move) and putting in a new one after the table read. This one being about Ross’s attempts to keep Rachel from leaving. The table draft features the original story.

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Joey and Phoebe as shippers.

Well, um, actually, I took her to the planetarium. That’s where we had our first date. Um, she walked in and I had the room filled with lilies, her favorite flower. Then, Fred Astaire singing ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ came on the sound system, and the lights came down. And I got down on one knee and written across the dome in the stars were the words “Will you marry me?”

Central Perk, Liverpool (UK)


Ross and Rachel- Firsts and lasts.


Yes, this is 2014 calling, we still have no explanation as to why Rachel + Joey happened.

Friends in production, June 1, 1995

Friends in production, June 1, 1995

"Well, here we are, just a bunch of thirty year olds."

Friends/The Mentalist paralell