After reading your opinions about Joey/Rachel, all I can think of for some reason is you reacting to seeing them together for the first time in a way similar to Ross finding out about Chandler/Monica, something like "What... No... What are you doing... GET OFF MY RACHEL!!!" Idk :P


Or even when Ross found out about Rachel/Joey, and got ridiculously drunk.

I swear, getting that drunk is the best way to get through those episodes.

I've heard people say that Phoebe's character became very mean after the second season, that she completely sold out all her beliefs and morals and that the writers sold out her character for cheap jokes. What's your opinion on this? (This isn't what I think btw, just something I've seen around)

I don’t know about that, to be honest, because I like later season Phoebe more than early on Phoebe. I mean, I guess…maybe what those people are saying is partly true, to some extent (re: morals/beliefs), but damn, mean, bad-assery Phoebe is fucking hilarious! And I really don’t agree with the cheap jokes, because imo, Phoebe has some of the best jokes and one liners in the later seasons.

Thank you, thank you very much :D I think I should also point out that we're all guys, which will make the whole thing doubly awkward/fun :P

Ahaha. Could this be more awesome?

Me and my Friends (Ohhh see what I did there huh huh???? ;) No? okay then...) are doing The One Where Everyone Finds Out as the production for the end of our drama module in school, I'm Chandler :) My mom just came home with a sweatervest for me to wear :L I thought that you should know. *nods*

LOL. This is amazing for three reasons; 1 - You/your friends for reenacting a Friends episode in the first place. 2 - For picking that episode. And 3 - your mum.