Can I be invited to yours and reginaa-phalange's wedding? :) haha

but what if we get drunk and married in Vegas?

side random note: Some friends and I were playing miniature golf today, and we had to pick a player name each. One friend chose ‘Princess Consuela’, so I decided to go with ‘Regina Phalange,’ and then we decided it was only fitting that our other friend went with ‘Ken Adams.’ Well, we actually wanted him to go with ‘Crap Bag,’ but he wasn’t up for that one. Can’t imagine why.

you-have-lost-the-game, lobsters-were-on-a-break, cherrycokeandtiaras, princessconsuelaa and aquamans-therapist - thank you all for the birthday wishes! And a Happy Birthday to you, too kimface! :)

Who's your favourite couple on the show?